HSE supervisor

HSE supervisor in a bioenergy heating plant project

An equipment manufacturer was contracted to conduct installations in a bioenergy heating plant project in Helsinki and needed an experienced HSE supervisor with international experience. Olli, a member of the Uggla team, was chosen out of several candidates due to his skills and work experience and, for example, his Nebosh certificate. Due to good results, the manufacturer wanted to hold on to a skilled worker and has offered work in new projects.

HSE supervision, site permits, and training

As an HSE supervisor, Olli’s main responsibility was to supervise the work safety of the equipment supplier’s contractors and subcontractors: the adherence to work safety regulations and legislation, the observance of the work safety guidelines provided by the developer of the bioenergy heating plant, and safe everyday working practices.

On top of this, Olli was responsible for organising the permits of the contractors and training.

The COVID-19 pandemic added to the role, as rules and orders as well as operating and testing times kept on changing as the pandemic advanced from one stage to another. In his HSE role, Olli ensured that orders were abided by. He was closely following the changes and was responsible for informing the equipment supplier’s staff and subcontractors about them.

Nebosh certificate and international experience – an incomparable combination for an HSE supervisor

The team working on the site of the Helen bioenergy heating plant projects is international, comprising more than a dozen nationalities. That’s why the HSE supervisor was expected to have international insight and expertise.

Thanks to his Nebosh certificate and international professional background, Olli was able to provide the equipment manufacturer with an abundance of insight and experience in operating in a multicultural environment. Expertise in safety management guarantees that the team responsible for the equipment manufacturer’s installations is working in the safest possible manner despite the hecticness of the site.

After the year-long stint ended, the equipment supplier was happy with Olli and wanted to hold on to him. He was offered an extension, and now Olli is working in his third project with the same client.

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